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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Richard Pryor Vs. Bill Cosby who was more militant and "BLACK"

So I wanted to share this along side the last post, check it out, it's informative.

Richard Pryor idolized Bill Cosby, Richard is still the #1 Comedian of All time, but Cosby is a Black King!

Richard has Cosby's rhythm and even tried to perform like him, and found it wasn't for him and he found his own way. Richard Pryor single handedly took the Power out of the N-Word. Pryor was considered such a civil rights leader, and slayer of the N-Words power, he got death threats when he stopped using it.

He later realized that the word is probably the worst word ever created on earth. Now Pryor was friends with top Black artist, civil rights leaders such as Jim Brown, Jesse Jackson, and even Black Panther Leader Huey P. Newton. He was so Militant on stage as a Black Man. But off stage, he had such a bad black man struggle that it's amazing!

Dr. Cosby, Single Handedly was such a good stand up; they never used the term Negro in front of his name. Back in times they used to use Negro followed by the Comedians name. Dick Gregory aka the first black comedian to do political jokes was labeled Negro Comedian Dick Gregory. Not many know this, but thanks to Dr. Cosby, they took the Negro out of black comedians’ names. And Cosby was considered "White?" you ignorant bastards!

Thanks to Dr. Cosby, he made a sitcom that didn't take place in the projects, and where characters were successful black people. Dr. Cosby played a Dr. and his wife was a lawyer, and they lived in a nice big house. Dr. Cosby opened so many doors for Blacks. Hell thanks to him Pryor was able to become Pryor. Cosby was cool, smooth, and hilarious. Know your history before you pop off about people next time. But I would like to thank both of these Men for opening doors beyond anyone’s comprehension. Cosby had more militant or better yet Pro-Black ways than some can comprehend. I want Dr. Cosby money, and I will keep going on the path I take daily.

Terry Jones

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